The TEPS Council at Seoul National University is a professional institution which specializes in the evaluation of foreign language proficiency. It is in charge of administering TEPS, Korea’s premier English proficiency test, TEPS Speaking & Writing, i-TEPS, a computer-based test that integrates TEPS and TEPS Speaking & Writing, and SNULT, a test which measures language proficiency in Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Russian.

TEPS, developed by qualified item writers and professional researchers at Seoul National University’s TEPS Center, accurately assesses test takers’ English proficiency, encourages positive changes in English language teaching and learning, and sets the standard for English proficiency tests, based on its exceptional discrimination capability and reliability.

The superiority of TEPS has also been widely recognized beyond the borders of Korea. TEPS is now regularly administered in China, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Indonesia, and will soon expand its overseas test locations.