On the Test Day

What to bring


Valid ID, computer marking pen, correction tape


Registration slip

Recommended for registration number confirmation

Wrist watch

  • Make sure to bring your own watch.
    (no clock inside the test room)
  • Digital watches or watches with alarms or electronic noise are not acceptable.

Things to know

  • You must finish marking answers within the given time for each section.
  • The TEPS Council is not responsible for errors caused by your mistakes, such as the use of the wrong pen or incomplete marking on the answer sheet.
  • Use a correction tape when you want to correct your answers.
  • Borrowing a pen or correction tape from other test takers is likely to be considered cheating. , So make sure to bring your own computer marking pen and correction tape.

How to mark the answers

Make sure to mark the answer sheet as shown in the “GOOD” example below. The TEPS Council will not be held accountable for issues caused by your marking errors.

Entrance to the test room

  • Make sure to enter the room by 2:30 p.m. (9:30 a.m. for Sunday tests).
  • You are not allowed to enter the test room after 2:50 p.m. (9:50 a.m. for Sunday tests).
  • The list of test takers’ names (in alphabetical order) will be attached to the main entrance of the test center, so check your test room before going inside.
  • Parking is not allowed, so use public transportation.
  • You are not allowed to leave the test room once the test begins. If you wish to leave in the middle of the test, you will be required to sign a renunciation document at the test site’s main office. (Your scores will be rendered invalid.)

How the test proceeds

[Sat] 14:30 ~ 14:40 [Sun] 09:30 ~ 09:40 10 minutes Introduction on how to mark the answer sheet 1st ID verification
[Sat] 14:40 ~ 14:45 [Sun] 09:40 ~ 09:45 5 minutes Break
[Sat] 14:45 ~ 14:55 [Sun] 09:45 ~ 09:55 10 minutes Collecting mobile phones (including other communication and electronic devices) 2nd ID verification
[Sat] 14:55 ~ 15:00 [Sun] 09:55 ~ 10:00 5 minutes Check for audio sound/Distribution of test booklets
[Sat] 15:00 ~ 15:40 [Sun] 10:00 ~ 10:40 40 minutes Listening Comprehension No breaks. Make sure to work on each section only within the given time.
[Sat] 15:40 ~ 16:05 [Sun] 10:40 ~ 11:05 25 minutes Vocabulary/Grammar
[Sat] 16:05 ~ 16:45 [Sun] 11:05 ~ 11:45 40 minutes Reading Comprehension
  • ※ The above procedures could change depending on the circumstances at each test site.
  • ※ If you work on another section during the time given for a specific section, your scores may be invalidated.

Disclosure of test items and answers

  • Test items, answers, the score conversion table, the number of correct and incorrect answers, and your answer sheet will not be disclosed according to our internal policy.